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WinLIMS.NET provides a host of features that are greatly beneficial to Analytical Service and Commercial Testing laboratories in virtually any industry. WinLIMS makes modern Analytical Service more efficient and error-free by enabling requestors to submit their own samples on-line, retrieve the status of their requests and have reports automatically issued when the lab has completed testing on the test, sample and/or request. Analytical services also require a great deal of flexibility with respect to project, test and cost assignment (whether internal or external cost) to ensure that work is properly assigned and accounted for.

Standard Features for the Analytical Service Lab

Some of the Standard Fearures that are provided by WinLIMS that are traditionally embraced by Analytical Service Laboratories include:

Optional Modules for the Analytical Service Lab

Optional Modules that are specifically designed for many Analytical Service Laboratories include:

Companies using WinLIMS for Analytical Service Labs

Many companies like you are using WinLIMS within their Analytical Service laboratories. Some laboratories include just a handful of users while others are implemented within multiple sites througout the world with local language interfaces to enable more natural use of the software. Here's a partial list of WinLIMS users within Analytical Service labs.

Note: The listing of WinLIMS customers does not constitute and endorsement of WinLIMS or any QSI products or services