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Usa.gif QSI - USA

contact Craig Redd
address Quality Systems International Corporation

545 Island Road, Ramsey, NJ 07446, USA

email Sales
facsimile 1.201.740.0905

Ben.gif QSI - Benelux

contact Stef Drieskens
address Quality Systems International B.V.

Gewandeweg 5,

NL 6161 DJ Geleen,


telephone +31-(46)-7501167
facsimile +31-(46)-7501170

Ger.gif QSI - Germany

contact Dr. Michael Meyer
address Quality Systems International GmbH

Messenhäuser Str. 55

D-63322 Roedermark, Germany

telephone +49-6074-7298660
facsimile +49-6074-7298689

Britain.gif QSI - UK

Happy with your LIMS supplier? If not, call +49 6074 7298660 in Germany or +1 201 251 2101 in the US.

We can help you two fold: 1. Provide support for your existing system 2. Provide an affordable path to a modern state-of-the-art system

We do understand the concerns associated with the demise of a supplier and the plausible wish to deal with a financially sound, competent and powerful company who can protect your WinLIMS investment. QSI Corporation and its subsidiaries have continued to thrive and our familiarization with your current system will allow us to provide you with an affordable upgrade path and confidence that we'll be here for ongoing support, consultation and upgrade services.

Please contact us at in Germany or in the US and find out how we can help you!