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The Customer Specification & Product Regrade function enables users to create two classes of specifications:

  • General Corporate Specifications
  • Customer-Oriented Specifications (which are variations on the corporate specifications)

The option is tightly integrated into the standard WinLIMS.NET system to provide:

  • A means of ensuring conformance to published product specifications
  • A seamless means of manufacturing and testing to a customer's specification
  • Matching a lot (batch) of produced product to a customer's specification
  • Regrading a production lot from one product to another (as long as specifications are met

Customer Specification Matching

Customer Specification Matching
In many organizations a subset of their customers require slight adjustments with respect to the way products are tested, the acceptable limits for the tests that are performed, the formatting of the reports that are produced. These specifications are usually slight variations of the standard (or corporate) specification which are quickly and easily created within the WinLIMS.NET software. There are two ways of creating customer-specific samples and/or COA (Certificates of Analysis) to accommodate the traditional workflows encountered in most laboratories:

  1. Create a distinct sample and fully test it using the customer specification
  2. Automatically compare results for existing samples with customer specifications

Locating produced material that match customer specifications is made especially fast and easy. This saves you time, money and your reputation by ensuring that customers are delivered the right product, supplied with the right documentation in the right format via email or hard copy and provides an historical repository for subsequent reporting or on-line direct access by your customer(s).

Product Regrading

The option also enables you to regrade products in an error-free manner. There are several reasons for regrading a product:

  1. A purchased material is relabeled to another product that is directly sold to customers under a different product name.
  2. The product was initially manufactured to be a lower grade product that happened to be of higher quality than expected.
  3. The product was initially manufactured to be a high grade product that did not meet the desired specification limits of the product and must be ‘downgraded’.
  4. An order was received for a low grade product that requires immediate shipment is received, but the low grade product is in stock. The in-stock high grade product will be regraded to ‘hide’ the fact that a high quality product is being substituted.

If you encounter either the need to ship to customer specifications or the need to regrade manufactured products, the WinLIMS.NET Customer Specification & Product Regrade Option is perfect for you.