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Duplication of effort increases manpower cost, increases the amount of time it takes to process information and, adds inconvenience and most importantly, leads to errors that can be devastating to your business. Many forward-thinking companies have been using the internet (or corporate intranet) to eliminate duplication of effort by allowing their customers (internal and/or external) to register their requests on-line, track the status of their requests and retrieve information on-demand. Examples of businesses sectors that have revolutionized their businesses doing this include in a secure manner include:

  • Banking (on-line account managment and bill pay)
  • Brokerage Houses (on-line account management and trading)
  • Shopping(on-line purchasing)
  • Shipping Services (FedEx, UPS, etc.)
  • and more...

The WinLIMS.NET™ External User Access Pages now bring this level of convenience, security and efficiency to your laboratory. Non-lab staff members (whether internal staff members or external customers) can directly register work requests using a web page that mimics the paper forms that are currently used. The ability to monitor the progress of work, retrieving individual results as well as quick access to historical data is also available.

Request Submission

Remote Request Managment Page
Allowing submitters to register their own requests provides the lab with immediate notification of pending work to make planning more efficient while eliminating transcription errors and the manpower needed to key the information from a paper form (if legible).

WinLIMS.NET™ provides a security-restricted web page that is designed to accommodate your nomenclature, data requirements, test method assigment options, etc. to ensure that all of the information that is required to process a request for work is properly completed. Once the page has been properly filled out, documentation can be automatically printed to accompany the samples that are delivered to the lab. Where practical, labels can be printed or pre-printed labels can be reconciled with the entered information and affixed to the samples to ensure positive identification upon receipt by the lab.

On-line help and "movies" can be integrated into the Request Submission page to provide convenience and self-training.

Status Monitoring

Once a Request has been submitted, you can give the submitter the ability to track the workflow that is associated with the request, its associated sample(s) and test(s) in a manner that is similar to tracking a shipment from UPS. This will eliminate the disruptive status-check phone calls that interrupt the smooth flow of work by the labortory. For example, you may allow your submitters to track the following events if you feel that this added service will be useful.

  • Samples Received by the Lab
  • Individual Result Available
  • All Results for a Single Sample is Available
  • All Results from All Samples in the Request are Available
  • Request Report Emailed
  • and more...

Results Tracking

Although WinLIMS.NET™ can automatically email reports to submitters upon release by the laboratory, submitters can also be provided with security-restricted access to their data on demand in order to revieve individual results as soon as they are released by the laboratory staff instead of waiting for the final report. This can be of great benefit where some tests take longer than others to complete, but the interim results are of great interest.

In addition to receiving results (or result sets) for individual samples and requests; historical reports can also be instantly accessed either directly from WinLIMS.NET™ via the Integrated Reporting system or can be accessed from an External Web-Based Reporting site using the Business Objects software that's included as a part of your WinLIMS.NET™ software.

You can provide your customers with consolidated reports, statistical reports, cost summaries and other reports that will be of great convenience to them and will make your laboratory more valuable to them. And the best thing is... they get this information without any effort by your lab!

Here's just a few examples of the types of reports that can be automatically sent or obtained on-demand using the WinLIMS.NET™ External User Access pages. Note that the number and styles of reports is unlimited!

Chart & Stats
Request Invoices
Instrument Quality