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Your WinLIMS.NET™ purchase includes a license for the web-based Business Objects Report Management [1] software. Business Objects XI is used to access, format, and deliver data that is created, managed and maintained within the WinLIMS.NET™ database or from a variety of other data sources such as SQL Server, Oracle, MS Access, etc. Reports are accessed from a security-restricted web page that is organized into "folders" that are defined by you to accommodate your organizational structure.

Business Objects InfoView

Reports are registered, categorized and placed into their appropriate folders within Business Objects to ensure that they appear to the right people. Queries can be built into reports to prompt the users to enter (or select) the appropriate data filtration criteria to retrieve the data of interest Reports can also be scheduled to be run on a timed basis. Reports can be printed to hardcopy, saved as a file in a number of formats (e.g. pdf, doc, xls, txt, etc.) or emailed directly to the desired recipients.\

Crystal reports can be designed using data from WinLIMS.NET™ to provide information to make your company run smoothly and efficiently. QSI supplies over 35 generic report formats which can be run from the Business Objects "InfoView" web page. Any report you design can be added to Business Objects for reporting on demand or on a scheduled basis. The following are examples of some of the report formats provided by QSI:

Chart & Stats
Pie Charts
Instrument Quality
Product Formulations
Request Invoices
Lab Costs
Lab Turnaround
Specification Sheets
many more...