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Food & Beverage
WinLIMS.NET™ is the world's largest supplier of LIMS within the Food & Beverage industries. The configurable nature and Standard WinLIMS.NET Features that accommodate GLP (Good Laboratory Practices) makes WinLIMS ideal.

Current Customers

QSI's experience within the Food & Beverage Industry is unmatched by any other LIMS supplier. This is due to the increadible functionality that is provided and the value received. A short listing of WinLIMS.NET™ users within the Chemical and Mining industries include:

Pepsico - Pepsi, Quaker, Tropicana, Gatorade [1] Kraft - Kraft, Nabisco, Oscar Mayer [2] ACH Foods [3]
Quest Flavors & Fragrances [4] M&M Mars [5] AAK [6]
Federated Group [7] David Sherman (Luxco) [8] Gortons [9]
Snyder's Lance [10] Kettle Brand [11] Vita Coco [12]
Rhodia [13] Prince Agricultural Products [14] more...

(the listing of WinLIMS.NET™ customers does not constitute and endorsement of WinLIMS or any QSI products or services)

WinLIMS Features & Options for the Food & Beverage Industry

Some of the Standard WinLIMS.NET Features that are provided by WinLIMS.NET™ that are traditionally embraced by Food & Beverage Industry include:

Optional Modules for the Food & Beverage Industry

Optional Modules that are specifically designed for Laboratories in the Food & Beverage Industry include: