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The ability to support an unlimited number of cultural settings is essential for global, multi-site systems such as WinLIMS.NET. Providing cultural settings makes WinLIMS a more effective and cost-effective tool for your organization by making it easy to implement a single, cohesive, centralized system within laboratories located throughout the world. Cultural settings include:

  • Regionally specific language (e.g. Spanish {Mexican} vs. Spanish {Spain})
  • Date presentation (order of numeric values, month names, day of week names, etc.)
  • Number presentation (use of comma and period)

WinLIMS.NET detects the browser settings that are used to determine the preferences for numbers, dates and language for use within the browser while the "culture" setting within the user-specified profile preferences allows the language for WinLIMS.NET pages (field labels, menus, messages, etc.). This also includes the support of double-byte characters to support the use of WinLIMS.NET in the rapidly growing Asian marketplace.