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Instrument calibration and maintenance is used to ensure that your established policy on the frequency and mechanism for calibration and repair of your laboratory instrumentation is followed. Recording this information using this WinLIMS.NET™ tool will serve as proof as to the uniform protocol that is followed by your lab to ensure that the results that you report are accurate, precice and reliable.

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A record that describes each instrument is defined and maintained within this function. The information includes the frequency (in time or number of uses) of calibration testing, control testing, cleaning and maintenance that must be followed. The system can be configured to prohibit results from being entered that were obtained from an instrument that has not been successfully calibrated or maintained.

Results for standards that are recorded for each instrument can be used to generate an historical SQC (Statistical Quality Control) report that will let you and the users of your data know how well you laboratory equipment is performing over time. These charts are also invaluable when the laboratory is undergoing audits by regulatory agencies, your customers and/or your internal quality assurance team.