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A key feature that makes WinLIMS.NET and ideal tool for regulated laboratories is its all-encompassing audit trail. The audit trail records each change that is made to any or all records in your system on a field-by-field basis. The audit trail records What was changed (the field and table that was modified), When the change was made (the time and date), Who made the change (the user name of person logged at the time of change), Why it was changed wherever it is practical to do so (the reason for modification) and the Previous Value.

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In most cases the audit trail information is best displayed using a report; however, there are some situations where instantaneous presentation of the audit trail is desireable. Audit trails are most frequently referenced with respect to the results that were entered and subsequently overwritten with a modified value. In situations where quick access to audit trail records are desired, a Show Audit Trail button and associated dialog box will be presented for review.

Although originally designed to accommodate the needs of the regulated industries, the audit trail is of great utility to all laboratories because it allows you to track down problems that can arise whenever data is modified intentionally, maliciously or in error.