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The WinLIMS Web Client is a revolutionary, third generation web-based LIMS that is the culmination of QSI's 26 years of successful LIMS implementations in over 1000 labs using both traditional client/server software and QSI's web product. WinLIMS™ was built from the ground up using the Microsoft's object-oriented .NET development toolkit which promotes rapid, modular development and smoothly integrates into modern corporate environments. WinLIMS is totally scalable which makes WinLIMS™ right for any sized lab.

Powerful LIMS Functionality

WinLIMS™ Web Client provides all of the functionality that is required to run a modern laboratory right 'Out-of-the-Box' so you can start using your WinLIMS software within hours of installation.

Basic WinLIMS Web Client Functions

WinLIMS Web Client Optional Modules

Elegant Design & User Interface

WinLIMS™ web pages are laid out in a natural style that will be embraced by users who frequent the Internet. The pages are designed using frames that can be quickly expanded and contracted to display the information desired by each user without the need to reload pages. This makes for fast performance because it limits the stress on the most uncontrollable part of your system- your network.

Favorite queries allow quick access to data within folders that are organized according to each individual's needs in order to accommodate the workflow needs of each user (or user role). The following illustration shows the clean layout of the Sample Management page.


Flexible Implementation

The computing architecture employed by QSI in the development of WinLIMS™ is fully scalable from a single user system to an unlimited number of users that can be located throughout the world using an unlimited number of languages. WinLIMS™ is a true web-based application and most popular browsers can be used to operate it including (but not limited to): Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE), Macintosh Safari, Firefox, Opera, etc. This means that you can use traditional PCs (including Tablet and Laptop PCs), Macintosh, iPhone™ or any other device that can connect to the Internet using wired, WiFi or Broadband connection. You can use either SQL Server or Oracle as the underlying database engine. This open architecture means that your architecture already supports the software so no additional investment will be required.

WinLIMS System Architecture

WinLIMS™ Web Client is a Microsoft ASP.Net-based web application (with AJAX features implemented). ASP.NET and hence WinLIMS is a 3 tiered system which is distributed across Client PCs (PC, Macs and any other device) that are capable of running client browser software (Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc.) connecting (via http and SOAP) to a web server (MS IIS on Windows 2003 Server). The Web Server connects to the databases, using TCP/IP or named pipes, which resides on a database server. SQL Server and Oracle are supported running Windows 2003 Server or Unix. The web client application is constructed with a layered approach:

  • Presentation Layer (contains programming to present the data in a UI for display and interaction for/by the end user)
  • Business Layer (business rules coded herein)
  • Data Layer (which controls data access with the database, either SQL Server or Oracle using ADO.NET)


System Requirements

WinLIMS is an ASP.NET-based web application and will need to be installed on a Windows Server with IIS 7.0 and .NET Framework 4.0 or higher installed.

Hardware Requirements

You may install WinLIMS on any server hardware capable of running Windows Server 2008 or higher.

The WinLIMS application and related system components can be run in a virtual environment. The operating system, database and web server are all currently supported on virtual machines. The WinLIMS.NET components are installed normally and the client may connect with no apparent difference to the web server compared with a non-virtual environment. Supporting the system on one or more virtual machines is no different than typical support in a non-virtual environment. As long as appropriate access is provided to the environment based on the need, QSI can support installation, change management and troubleshooting in the typical fashion.

Memory, disk and processor requirements are the same for the virtual environment as for the standard environment.

However, for best performance we recommend the following:

Database Server

The recommendation for database servers is highly dependent on the laboratory’s sample throughput, the number of concurrent users and the amount of time that you wish to maintain your data. The following are the recommended specifications for a 20 user system that processes 10,000 samples per year and 15 measurements are recorded for each sample.

Processor: Dual Pentium (or better)

Memory: 32 GB RAM (or better)

Disk Space: 500 GB (or better)

Web Server

The recommendation for web servers is highly dependent on the number of concurrent users (WinLIMS runs equally as well in a virtual server environment). The following are the recommended specifications for a 20 concurrent user system.

Processor: Dual Pentium (or better)

Memory: 32 GB RAM (or better)

Disk Space: 40 GB (or better)

* By virtue of being a true web application, the performance of WinLIMS is dependent on the available bandwidth of organization’s network

Software Requirements

The software requirements include:

  • Windows Server 2008 or higher (R2 preferred)
  • Internet Information Server (IIS) 7.0 or higher (7.5 preferred)

Typical Configuration

A typical 5-10 concurrent user system will work well on a hosted Web Server that has the following specifications:

  • 32GB RAM
  • 4 CPUs
  • 1MB Available Bandwidth

WinLIMS.NET™ Cloud Subscription Program

Every laboratory needs a LIMS or an upgrade of their current LIMS, but financial justification is sometimes difficult due to the traditionally high purchase price or the high risk/reward ratio. QSI solves this problem through innovative financing options which include:

A host of flexible implementation options are available for Cloud-based systems to accommodate each customer's unique situation. Some of the options include:

  • Low-priced cost shared servers
  • Premium-priced dedicated remote servers with automated load and network communication balancing
  • Full management by QSI for those customers with limited IT resources
  • Limited or minimal management for those who have access to IT resources
  • a-la-cart services that can be used on an 'as-needed' basis
  • more (QSI evaluates each situation to find the right fit of system, price and services)

Fast, Flexible Implementation & System Management

WinLIMS™ is designed and implemented using an SDLC (System Development Life Cycle) approach that is sometimes referred to as the ‘V-Model’. Here all levels of requirements and specifications, be they the development of core software, customized software or implementation of configurable items, follow the model shown in the following illustration.


This approach associates various levels of requirements, specifications and development items to be properly documented and the response to each specification level is an equivalent testing (validation) and documentation of testing to ensure the quality of the software that is either developed or implemented.