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WinLIMS.NET™ is equipped to accommodate virtually all of the needs of laboratories within the Petrochemical industry right Out-Of-The-Box. The Standard WinLIMS.NET Features, configurable nature, the system's accessibility and simplified management makes it an ideal tool which is why so many labs within this industry sector have selected WinLIMS.NET over all others. The configurable tools that interface to 3rd party ERP (e.g. SAP, JDE, Prism, etc.), Process Control (Aspen Tech, Honeywell, Johnson Controls, etc.) and other commercial and customizes systems provide seamless integration to provide the efficiency enhancements required to add to your company's overall quality and bottom line.

Current Customers

QSI's experience within the Petrochemical Industry is unmatched by any other LIMS supplier. This is due to the increadible functionality that is provided and the value received. A short listing of WinLIMS users within the Petrochemical Industry include:

Shell Lubricants [1] Citgo [2] Anderol [3]
Pennzoil [4] British Petroleum [5] Castrol [6]
Exxon/Mobil Lubricants [7] PdMA [8] ViaRail [9]
Sunoco Logistics [10] Coastal Lubricants [11] more...

(the listing of WinLIMS customers does not constitute an endorsement of WinLIMS or any QSI products or services)

WinLIMS Features & Options for the Petrochemical Industry

Some of the Standard WinLIMS.NET Features that are provided by WinLIMS.NET™ that are traditionally embraced by Petrochemical Industry include:

Optional Modules for the Petrochemical Industry

Optional Modules that are specifically designed for Laboratories in the Petrochemical Industry include: