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A variety of data, sample, product and request review workflow steps can be configured into WinLIMS.NET™ to ensure the quality and integrity of the samples that are tested by the laboratory and to ensure that information is only released to consumers when appropriate.

Results Validation

In many laboratories it is standard operating procedure to require results that were entered into WinLIMS™ to be reviewed by a peer or a supervisory staff member. This is often the case within pharmaceutical, food or any other regulated laboratories. WinLIMS.NET™ provides this level of review and audit trail recording in a security-restricted manner.

When this level of data review is not required, or if data is only reviewed when it does not meet its specification requirements, the results validation step may be bypassed.

Analytical Batch Validation

When groups of samples are tested in batches that include quality standards and controls, the review process is often performed "in context" to allow "brackets" of results to be validated or invalidated based on their surrounding quality standards.

Sample Approval

The sample approval step is used to confirm that the sample's testing cycle has ended and the laboratory management has given the sample a final disposition. The disposition of samples will differ from lab to lab; however, most laboratories assign disposition statuses, which include Approved, Rejected, Reworked, Cancelled, Concession, etc. This lets the rest of the organization know what was determined by virtue of the laboratory's testing of the sample.

Production Lot (Batch) Approval

Where companies process batches such as raw materials or manufacturing orders, batch approval routines exist to attach final disposition statuses. The final disposition would be based on the results of all the samples attached to the batch.

Request Approval

Analytical and research laboratories often perform testing based on requests (a.k.a. jobs, submissions, incidents, orders, etc.) that consists of one or more samples. In many cases the information is only made available after the request has been fully reviewed and released by the laboratory management. WinLIMS.NET™ provides request-level approval to accommodate this requirement.