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Today's world requires the convenience of accessibility and the protection of a powerful security system using a common architecture that is easy to use and integrates with all of your other corporate systems. WinLIMS™ provides these needs and conveniences by using the ASP.NET 2.0 Microsoft Membership API as the basis for its security system.

The WinLIMS™ security system requires accounts to include a User Name, Strong Password, Email Address, Security Question and Security Answer that can be conveniently created and managed by individual users in a similar manner to commercial systems such as EBay™,™, etc. Roles are then managed by your WinLIMS™ system administrator. Because it uses the Microsoft Membership API, WinLIMS™ can be integrated with Active Directory [1] which allows corporate level and highly-secured authentication and authorization that can be revised by the WinLIMS™ system administrators to accommodate each user's needs.


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Security begins with the creation of user accounts for individuals which allows them to gain access the WinLIMS™ software. The security system can be configured to accommodate each company's requirements for user account creation.

  • You can restrict the system to require users to be added by the WinLIMS system administrator
  • You can have users create their own accounts.
  • You can have accounts automatically managed by Windows Active Directory.
  • You can allow anonymous users or any combination.

The key is; YOU define the rules that fit your situation and YOU can define the default privileges that are assigned whenever a user account is created. This is significant in the new web-based world where WinLIMS™ can expand beyond the walls of the laboratory. Today your customers (internal and external) who have the skill set to buy and sell products, manage personal finance accounts, and generally "surf" the web will appreciate having the ability to use WinLIMS™ to register requests for testing and review their information on-demand. Direct access will improve your customer's satisfaction while making your lab far more efficient.


Roles are the functions (laboratory-related or data access tasks) that each user is permitted to access and perform within the system. Examples of "functions" include (but are not limited to):

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  • Access to individual WinLIMS pages
  • Creation of samples
  • Results entry
  • Results review
  • Sample release
  • Creation of methods
  • Creation of product specifications
  • many, many more

You can easily create, configure and name the Roles that are used within your WinLIMS™ system to accommodate your specific needs and there is no limit as to the number of roles that can be created by you. The privileges that are associated with Roles are additive which means that one or more Roles can be assigned to each user which simplifies the user management function.


Being a true web-based application, WinLIMS™ is inherently multi-site enabled. This allows a single system and underlying database to be used by multiple physical (or logical) sites located throughout the world which eliminates the need to synchronize disparate databases while providing instantaneous consolidated reporting. Within the WinLIMS™ architecture, each user is associated with their appropriate Site(s) to ensure convenient access to the information that is germane to their position while restricting access to information that is not appropriate for them see.


WinLIMS.NET - Chinese
Another requirement for true web systems that can be used by multi-national corporations is the inherent ability to accommodate the "culture" that is associated with each user. Cultural assignment determines the language, date format and number format that will be presented to each user within WinLIMS™. All character sets are supported, including the double byte character sets used in the far east and the Cyrillic character set. By having the ability to use WinLIMS.NET in the "natural" environment of the user, you'll be able to make more efficient use of the personnel that is available at each of your sites.

QSI provides WinLIMS in multiple languages right out of the box (English, German, French, Dutch, Portuguese, Chinese (simplified), Spanish). Languages that are not provided by QSI can easily be added by your staff using a translation table to assign values to each label, command, message, etc. In addition, data can actually be translated on the fly to accommodate local nomenclature for products and results. For example; a result that is entered as 'Clear' in your US plant can be displayed to your Spanish speaking users (and customer) as 'Rojo', while your German speaking users will see the result as 'Klar'.

Time Zones

Lastly, a centralized system will record the time and dates of significant events using the time that is associated with the server; however, end users will need to reference times and dates using their local time. Within each user's profile, a time offset is provided to ensure that the user views the date using their local time vs. the timestamp value that is stored within the database.