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WinLIMS.NET provides inherent workflow and sample tracking capabilities to enable it to fit within laboratories of all types. WinLIMS provides the added ability to allow you to personalize WinLIMS to include the menus and pages to simplify the use of the system to present the portions that are germane to your specific job function.

The general workflow consists of the the basic laboratory sample processing functions that are described in the expandible image (to the right), but these are just the generic components of the workflow. Each WinLIMS.NET configuration varies in order to best accommodate the needs of each various laboratory type and organization that uses the software. This is what makes WinLIMS.NET such a powerful software package; it can accommodate virtually all laboratories right Out-of-the-Box and can also be customized to functions and interfaces that accommodate the workflow, sample, process and request-tracking needs in a supportable and, more importantly, upgradable manner.

WinLIMS.NET Dashboards

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To simplify the workflow process WinLIMS was the first LIMS to introduce the concept of user ‘dashboards’ that present the information that is most appropriate for each user upon opening their WinLIMS web page. From the dashboard you can then drill into the function that you wish to interact with or investigate further. The functions that are included within your dashboard(s) are referred to as "WebParts" (or sometimes referred to as "widgets").