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Quality Systems International provides more than just software; we also provide professional services that are used to jump-start your system and to mold it to accommodate your most exacting needs and to ensure that WinLIMS.NET™ will be a valuable asset to your organization for years to come.


The more you know about your WinLIMS.NET™ software the more effective your system will be. That, in turn, will improve the quality and efficiency of the products and services that you provide to your internal and external customers. Quality Systems International provides a variety of training classes that are designed to allow you to maximize your use of WinLIMS.NET™.

WinLIMS Training

Even though WinLIMS.NET™ is extremely easy to use and is configured to meet your requirements, you may wish to have QSI provide further formalized training.

Our training covers the essentials of WinLIMS.NET™ and how to better utilize WinLIMS.NET™ functionality. Our objective is to ensure a successful implementation and on-going operation by your fully trained, on-site staff. The main purpose is to help the attendees better understand the full scope of WinLIMS.NET™ and thus to become more self-reliant.

The training courses are suitable for anyone involved in the day to day management or running of WinLIMS.NET™. They are aimed at creating WinLIMS.NET™ Administrators (so called 'super users'), who can cascade their knowledge to a number of end users. The basics of setting up and running the system are also covered, hence a training course can serve as an introduction to WinLIMS.NET™ for new users, as well as covering the more complex topics.

The content of the training courses will vary, as it is tailored to best suit the individual requirements of these attending and to encompass any specific issues of importance to them. In summary, it will describe installation and set up of WinLIMS.NET™ and give an overview of the underlying database structure, going on to cover the different options available in running WinLIMS.NET™, and how the application may be configured and customized. Finally we will cover the basics of database administration and SQL language.

Crystal Reports Training

Seagate Crystal Reports® is the acknowledged world leader in desktop and web reporting and is supplied with your initial purchase of WinLIMS.NET™. Using Crystal, WinLIMS.NET™ users can quickly and easily gain access to, and manipulate laboratory data and combine it with data from other data systems. Our training courses present an introduction to the main elements of report design and creation, biased strongly towards Crystal Reports' use with WinLIMS.NET™ and including useful tips and shortcuts.

Our training allows you to become competent at creating basic reports on WinLIMS.NET™ and to gain confidence in producing and troubleshooting more complex reports. It is aimed at users of WinLIMS.NET™, who need to quickly become proficient in producing and modifying reports, both for internal use and also presentation quality reports for external contacts.

Training can either be supplied at the customer site or at our New Jersey offices. Courses in either WinLIMS.NET™ or Crystal Reports are normally two days. Courses on site are designed and arranged with your company, on an individual basis, to meet your specific needs.