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Data Folders/TreeViews
WinLIMS.NET™ allows users to create Favorites that are used to select and sort data into well-organized Data Folders (a.k.a. TreeViews) that provide user-configurable workflow organization and instant access to data in a sensible format. "Favorites" is a new and unique concept that provides the industry's most powerful, yet simple way to organize workflow and visualization of data and eliminates the need for system configuration and customization.

Favorites are created by individuals or the system administrator using the interactive query designer. Once the query has been created, it is simply added to each user's Favorites menu and application dashboard. Simply click on a Favorite and the desired data is retrieved and organized in a format that makes it convenient to navigate to the appropriate record(s).

Favorite queries allow the same web page to be used by all users and simply present the data that conforms to their job function. Here's some examples of Favorites:

  • New Samples Pending Receipt (sorted by product & lot)
  • Sample Backlog sorted by priority, product & lot)
  • Samples to Review (sorted by priority, product & lot)
  • Complaint Samples (sorted by submitter and request id)
  • Off-Spec Product (sorted by product & date)
  • etc.